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Cookies policy

"Cookies" are pieces of information in the browser that help with certain things, such as loading pages faster. This policy determines how cookies work in the " UpEvents.

Who we are

1.1 UpEvents

The UpEvents is a management platform for members and events created by institutions of various types. Through our platform, we allow a greater approximation between the members of the institutions and an easier management of the multiple events that it organizes.

1.2 The services.

The websites and domains of UpEvents including www.up.events and www.upstudents.pt and all Web pages, sub-domains and sub-parts of such websites (collectively, our "Website"), as well as all services available on or through the Website or, otherwise provided by us are maintained and provided by UpHill. We refer to all this as our "Services". UpHill is a spin-off company, headquartered at UBIMedical, Municipal Highway 506, 6200-284, in Covilhã, Portugal. (“UpEvents”, "We", "us" or "our (s)").

1.3 Users.

Through the Services, the UpEvents provides a simple and quick way for event organizers ("Organizers") to create event registration pages and other features related to their events, to promote those pages and events to visitors or browsers of the Services, and to sell tickets, registrations, member subscriptions to users who wish to register for membership or events (including free events) ("Participants"). We refer to participants and other visitors and browsers of the Services, collectively, as "Users".

A nossa Política de cookies.

2.1 Aplication.

This Cookie Policy establishes our policy regarding information, including personal information ('Personal Data', collected from our Users through cookies, pixel tags, shared local objects, web storage and other similar technologies.

2.2 Incorporation by reference.

Please also consult our Privacy Policy, which incorporates this Cookie Policy by reference, which sets out our policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of information, including Personal Data, collected from Users. Nothing in this Cookie Policy shall be construed as a modification, waiver, amendment or termination of any term of the Privacy Policy.

2.3 Consent

By using the Services, you consent to the use of the technologies described in this Cookie Policy collecting Personal and non-Personal Information, as well as storing information on your device or browser, as described in this same policy.

What are cookies and web storage?

3.1 Cookies.

A cookie is a piece of information that is placed in the browser when you access and / or use the Services that store text and which can later be read by the Services or third parties. Cookies are used to recognize the browser and the user as a unique user.

3.2. Shared local objects (also known as Flash Cookies).

A shared local object is similar to a cookie, except that it is stored on your computer or mobile device, rather than in the browser, and can store more than just text. Shared local object control methods are different from cookie control methods (as discussed below).

How can I manage these technologies?

4.1. Cookies.

Cookies can be session cookies (for example, they only last for a browser session) or persistent cookies (for example, they remain in the browser until they are affirmatively deleted). You can manage cookies through browser settings, and through these settings you can (a) receive notifications when you receive new cookies; (b) disable cookies; or (c) delete cookies. See the help section of your browser for more information on how to do this.

The UpEvents uses these technologies for what purposes?

5.1 Essential (strictly necessary).

We use these technologies in an essential way for the operation of our Services or as part of them. For example, we may use cookies to determine where to direct traffic in order to effectively distribute website load across multiple servers.

5.2 Performance / Analytics.

We use these technologies to analyze how you use our Services and to monitor the Services. For example, we may place cookies that allow us to: (i) determine the timing of user requests to our servers and their responses, (ii) perform A / B tests on new features, (iii) record statistics on website usage, (iv) track your activities in the Services and (v) track the locations from which you access the Services.

We may also use third-party cookies to collect information about the behavior of our Services visitor for purposes of the same Performance / Analytics. As an example, we use Google Analytics, Google Analytics Demographics.

5.3 Functionality.

We use these technologies to be able to provide the Services with a certain functionality as well as to remember your preferences. For example, when you click the "Remember me" box on our sign-in page, we put a persistent cookie on your browser that allows our Services to fill in your username when you re-access the website. Other examples include remembering your preferences (such as language and location preferences), avoiding Web application vulnerabilities, allowing you to use Facebook Connect and other third-party integrations, as well as providing search results.